Cambridge Bay woman beaten with broom for hours


Kyle Douglas Amegainek, 20, of Cambridge Bay, awaits sentencing after pleading guilty this week to assault with a weapon.

Amegainek used a broom and his fists to beat a Cambridge Bay woman for several hours from the evening of June 3 into the morning of June 4. Alcohol was not a factor.

The woman suffered extensive cuts and bruising to her head, face, chest arms and legs, but no broken bones.

Crown lawyer John Solski called the attack “prolonged and persistent.”

“She lost track of the number of blows at 20,” Solski said.

The beating came one week after Amegainek was released from jail after serving time for assaulting the same woman.

Solski requested Amegainek not be given credit for the four weeks served in pretrial custody since his arrest, in part because of his prior criminal record.

Defence lawyer Greg Nearing countered Solski’s request saying, “He has a lot of related convictions, but he’s not on the high end of the scale. He has a lot of offences but he’s not the worst offender.”

Amegainek’s sentencing was set for July 17.

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