Canadians in Greenland


A delegation of Canadian officials was in Greenland for five days this week in an attempt to improve relations between the two countries, according to political observers in Greenland.

The delegation was headed by Canada’s ambassador to Denmark, Fredericka Gregory. Jack Anawak, Canada’s ambassador for circumpolar affairs, Guy Beaupré from the federal department of fisheries and oceans, and Colin Walker from the RCMP in London were also in Greenland.

Gregory said the official visit “signals our close ties and shared interests and gives us an opportunity to explore the tremendous potential” of future cooperation.

“As neighbours in the North and partners on many issues of mutual importance from the management of our ocean resources, to the impacts of climate change, and to economic sustainability and social well-being in our circumpolar world, Canadians and Greenlanders have a stake in working together on the common challenges that we face in a rapidly changing North” was Gregory’s message.

While in Greenland, the delegation visited Sisimiut where they looked at road development projects and mining education. In Nuuk, the Canadians had a full schedule, including information sessions with a variety of ministries and a meeting with Greenland’s Prime Minister Hans Enoksen. Banquets and official meals punctuated every day’s agenda. The visit wrapped up on Wednesday with a trip to Narsasuaq in southern Greenland. The group then headed back to Canada, via Denmark.

Speaking to Sermitsiaq before the visit, Gregory said a scheduled flight connection between Canada and Greenland would be good way to kickstart co-operation. It is difficult to imagine a future without air and maritime transport connections, Gregory said.

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