Cancer patient stranded in Iqaluit


I am a cancer patient.

I have been waiting for a house or an apartment for a while now. I’m living in Iqaluit now but I am from Pangnirtung.

From what I understand when a person can’t go home because of limited health equipment, and I am one of them, they are to move somewhere where there are hospitals around.

I have been told there is no housing for me. I am not here by choice. I have been told that there is absolutely nothing.

I’m wondering why I’m still waiting! My social worker is saying that they are on it, but I’m tired of getting the same answer – there is nothing for you. I’m getting tired of the same answer, when I hear that somebody needs to stay close to a hospital, they should find them a home as soon as possible.

Why am I still waiting?

Leslena Kanayuk

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