Christmas Greenland-style

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This year all of Greenland experienced real Christmas weather, and it snowed throughout the holiday northern and eastern Greenland.

When the light appeared for a few hours in Nuuk on Dec. 24, there was a display of rosy colour on the horizon.

Meanwhile, families and friends were out visiting, some singing hymns outside houses and apartments before coming inside for hot spiced wine or coffee.

During the afternoon of Dec. 24, Greenland’s Santa also had time to appear on television to greet children in Greenlandic.

In the evening, Green­landers sat down to a meal featuring duck, Danish red cabbage and potatoes coated in brown sugar.

But many combined their Christmas dinner with ptarmigan, lamb from southern Greenland and rice pudding.

After the annual Christmas dinner, people gathered around Christmas trees and sang Christmas hymns and songs. Gift-giving followed. Later in the evening, they went from house to house, singing hymns and songs, and partying with friends and family.

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