City of Iqaluit asks people to be mindful of ditches as snow melts

Call comes as municipal government starts work on water drainage in roadside ditches

Roadside ditches in Iqaluit begin to fill with snowmelt and mud as temperatures rise. (Photo by Mélanie Ritchot)

By Akira Halmai-Cooper

The City of Iqaluit is asking people to be cautious around ditches recently uncovered by snow removal around the city.

The ditches drain water from the roads, which see more run-off during the spring snowmelt.

In a news release, the city is asking parents to remind children to be safe when around the ditches, which are deeper this time of year and can become a safety hazard.

The city also asks snowmobilers to pay close attention to the roadwork and barricades, which it says will affect trails.

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  1. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    If the municipality didn’t push the road snow into the ditches or on the side of a hill, there would be less of a problem. And if they would thaw out the culverts the water would move on down sooner. As it is they would prefer to do the opposit and your driveways wash away every year after year after year.

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