City of Iqaluit begins Apex beach cleanup

The City of Iqaluit began work on removing abandoned vehicles, shacks and garbage from the Apex beach this morning, following complaints made by local residents. Mayor Kenny Bell, who was on hand as the first of the garbage was removed, said that the city is concerned that abandoned shacks can pose fire hazards and safety concerns, and that other refuse, such as abandoned vehicles, batteries and fuel canisters, could leak hazardous waste into waterways. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Dustin Patar

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  1. Posted by trapper on

    If you respect the land, why does it look like this?????

    • Posted by Rent payer on

      For , some reason , people can t help but hoard junk

  2. Posted by trapper on

    Check the Vin numbers on those junk autos and return them to their rightful owners. Or send them the bill for disposal.

    • Posted by Jack Napier on

      What if the rightful owners are also resting on the shores of Iqaluit or apex? Shall the city use it to mark their rightful graves?

  3. Posted by Nunavik too on

    Nunavik is disgusting, kuujjuaq especially for junk. Never thought people could be so disgustingly neglecting with old junk cars , skidoo’s, shacks, not to forget about toilet tissue and bud beer cans littering everywhere. No respect whatsoever. No one to blame for that except the selfish, unawareness of lifers.

    • Posted by Jack Napier on

      That’s too bad. Soon we’ll have to call it Atsivijuaq.

    • Posted by Grosses on

      Yes indeed. The freshly used beer cans, and freshly used toilet tissue on roadways outside and in town as well. Wet stains around where tissue litters.

    • Posted by Drink, drive and washrooms privilege on

      When you see beer cans and tissue littering the roads, it’s a sign of the times. It’s evidence. The verdict: guilty of drinking and driving, indecent exposure and, urinating in public. To see junk is one thing, but to be driving and come upon people with pants down, squatting for a pee is the taker of the cake. Common sight.

  4. Posted by Jack Napier on

    Apex copying Iqaluit….as usual.

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