Conditional sentence for Cambay sex offender


A Cambridge Bay man in his late sixties was given an 18-month conditional sentence after pleading guilty on three counts of sexual assault.

Rudolf Mingilgak, who is 67 or 68, was charged when four young girls complained to RCMP last October.

The four girls were lying on a bed watching TV downstairs when Mingilgak came into the room. He lay down on the bed and started tickling them. Then he tried putting his hands down the pants of one of the complainants. One of the girls then said she saw him do the same thing to another girl.

One of the older girls then pretended to hear her parents coming home, and spooked Mingilgak into leaving them all alone. Mingilgak said he could not recall the events, but did not deny that they had taken place.

Mingilgak, who has a lengthy criminal record including two previous jail terms, will serve three months of house arrest, and will not be allowed any contact with children under 14, unless another sober adult is present. He will also serve a one-year probation after his conditional sentence, and will be listed in the national sex offender registry for 10 years.

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