Coroner’s jury prompts new snow removal rules


To help make Iqaluit’s streets safer, especially for children, Iqaluit city council is proposing to change its snow removal bylaw to stop large piles of snow from being dumped near intersections.

The bylaw amendment would prohibit any property owner, including the City of Iqaluit, from creating a snow removal pile within five metres of any intersection. If any snow removal pile is created beyond five metres of an intersection, it may not exceed one metre in height.

The amendment would also require all property owners to remove snow and ice from parking areas, either by trucking it away, or by storing it at the back of parking areas as far away as possible from any road or intersection.

Property owners must at all times ensure that snow and ice stored at the back of a parking area does not become a dangerous attraction for children, who may be tempted to play on them or slide into vehicles.

And the amendment, if passed, would give bylaw officers the authority to order the removal, within 72 hours, of any snow pile deemed to be dangerous. If the city removes the snow pile, then the property owner would have to pay all the costs.

The amendment is in response to the recommendations of a coroner’s jury issued Jan. 24, after an inquest that looked into the deaths of four people in the Baffin region killed by municipal vehicles.

In one incident, a municipal vehicle struck and killed a four-year-old child who darted out from behind a snow pile before the driver had a chance to stop.

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