Councillors dream up wish list


The City of Iqaluit has developed a wish list of projects, at the request of the Nunavut Association of Municipalities, to help the organization tap into federal gas tax money and municipal infrastructure funds.

Number one on the list is converting all residential areas to piped water and sewer service. The city currently spends roughly $2 million each year to provide trucked water and sewer services, chief administrator John Hussey said. With the entire city connected to piped service, that money could be freed up for other needs, he said at a recent meeting.

Number two is paving Iqaluit’s secondary roads with chip-seal, a technique that’s less expensive than conventional paving, to rid the city of its infamous potholes.

A multiplex recreation facility is third on the list, to replace the aging Astro Hill swimming pool, and perhaps the Arctic Winter Games arena, which continues to sink into the tundra with no sign of a cheap fix in sight.

A new city hall makes number four. The current building is too small, which means city documents are scattered in locations around the city. Some older files were lost in the shuffle, while others have suffered water damage.

A new industrial park is number five. The city’s running out of flat land suitable for industrial use, which could hinter development in the future.

Six is cemetery development. Iqaluit’s graveyard is nearly full, and its future cemetery, located near the causeway, currently resembles a big sandbox, is susceptible to flooding, and has yet to be consecrated.

Pedestrian walkways are number seven, which means more wooden posts lining the roadsides to separate people from traffic.

Number eight is a vehicle storage facility for the city. At one point council contemplated turning the AWG arena into a new parking lot for heavy equipment, but they changed their mind: the sinking arena may not be suitable for playing ice hockey, but with some wooden boards provided by the chamber of commerce, it still works for bingo.

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