Counting by faith


IQALUIT — The Anglican Church has the most followers of any religious faith in Nunavut.

According to data from Statistics Canada, Anglicanism is the largest religious denomination in the territory, with nearly 12,700 worshippers.

Second is Roman Catholicism, with about 5,050 members.

Pentecostalism is third, with around 975 adherents, followed by the United Church, with 370 members.

More than 760 Nunavummiut list themselves as having no religion.

Territory-wide, fewer than 10 people call themselves Jewish, Buddhist or Islamic.

At least one person said they follow shamanism.

No Nunavummiut identified themselves as a Hindu, Confucian, Shinto, Rastafarian, Scientologist or Satanist.

Statistics Canada collected the data in 1991. New information on religion was gathered during the recent census and will be released in about a year.

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