COVID-19 isolations prompt weeklong closure of Igloolik health centre

People in community can still get prescriptions filled and call for virtual care

There were 30 cases of COVID-19 in Igloolik as of Wednesday. (File photo)

By Mélanie Ritchot

Igloolik’s health centre is closed for the week due to staff being in isolation due to COVID-19.

The health centre will reopen on Monday, the Health Department stated in a news release.

In the meantime, paramedics and some nurses will be at the hospital in case of emergencies and virtual health options will be used when possible.

“A combination of virtual and in-person public health supports will allow for continued response to COVID-19,” says the release.

There were 30 cases of COVID-19 in the community as of Wednesday.

Support staff will keep filling prescriptions but there might be a delay and vaccination clinics might be reduced.

The release said phone calls will still go to the health centre but might be redirected to virtual services depending on staff levels and the severity of a patient’s concern.

“Calls may be automatically forwarded to other communities and callers are asked to not hang up if there are delays while the call is connecting,” states the release.

There may be changes to services if staffing levels change, the release said.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Bring in more staffs then on

    How can they just close a health center people have emergencies sometimes too. They should at least bring in 2 nurses from the south to work 12-hours a day each until they can reopen. This is not a smart choice and lets pray there are no serious emergencies that happen.

    • Posted by Nobody left to hire on

      There aren’t any nurses left to hire. The south pays better now and has fewer hassles of Nunavut, and nurse from the south can’t just appear and do the work that Nurses do in Nunavut, it is so different, it takes time to learn.

      Many of the long-term casual nurses who felt a bond with Nunavut and provided good care for many years were eliminated by a new director when he took over (maybe he found people with more experience than he had to be a threat?), so they are gone now too.

    • Posted by 12 Hours on

      It’s very sad that the HC cannot be open, but your comment shows so much understanding, it’s hurtful. How dare you and ask that two nurses are flown in and to work 12 hours a day to support the community. Have you ever worked 12 hours? Is Nunavut suddenly take priority over other provinces after being confronted continuously as the BAD southerners? Where are the nurses born and grown up in Nunavut. Everybody has to look after others, but don’t demand solutions that cannot be provided.

      • Posted by Our Reputation on

        True, unfortunately Nunavut has developed quite a bad reputation as a nurse employer. This doesn’t help our nursing crisis at all.

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      This cracks me up. Talk about unrealistic expectations.
      Good luck finding 2 qualified nurses on no notice for a 10 day assignment which starts immediately 1500 kms from where they live, probably at below market rates.
      Staffing even pre-pandemic was a huge problem, with no apparent solution. And you expect the GN to fix this today?

    • Posted by Magical thinker on

      You go ahead and pray for that, I’ll have my coffee… let’s see which is more effective?

    • Posted by Ummm, Say What? on

      I’d say that you’ve been out of touch for the last few years.

      There are no nurses to be had. They are in super-demand everywhere in the country/world. Why do you think we are hiring contract paramedics to staff health centres.

      Even if there were nurses available we’d still have a hard fight to get them. We are not a competitive employer.

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