COVID-19 restrictions to be eased across Qikiqtani region

Kinngait outbreak is over, says chief public health officer

On Wednesday, Nunavut’s chief public health officer, Dr. Michael Patterson, announced that the COVID-19 outbreak in Kinngait is over and public health restrictions throughout the Qikiqtani region, except for Iqaluit, will be eased on Friday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

In Rankin Inlet and the Qikiqtani region — except for Iqaluit — public health restrictions will soon be eased, Nunavut’s chief public health officer announced Wednesday afternoon.

Under the new measures, which will take effect Friday, indoor gatherings in conference rooms, community areas, theatres, places of worship and government facilities can have up to 100 people or 75 per cent of the building’s capacity, according to a Health Department news release.

Indoor gatherings in people’s homes will remain at 15 people, and outdoor gatherings at 100 people.

Gyms and pools can have 25 people in them and territorial and municipal park buildings can reopen.

Lastly, schools will fully reopen.

“As we ease measures in most of the Qikiqtani region and Rankin Inlet, I urge everyone to remain vigilant,” said Dr. Michael Patterson in the statement.

Masks are still mandatory in every community in the territory.

Patterson also announced that the outbreak in Kinngait is over, as it has been 28 days since its last active COVID-19 case.

On Tuesday, Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq reported that Iqaluit has no active COVID-19 cases, but he reminded residents that the outbreak in the capital isn’t over.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Forgotten spoon on

    I’m not saying that we’re better than before
    But hey, I’m not afraid to be afraid of anything anymore

  2. Posted by wish i was as smart as the government on

    we gotta wait 28 more days..u are u nuts..hello iqaluit is at what 50 to 70 percent vacinated.??..dont need to wait 28 days..its never going we get 1 whole case and start over..dumb ?.

    • Posted by iqaluit vax on

      Iqaluit is at 97% for 1st dose and 75% for 2nd dose based on the chart by the GN on Jun 21. but you are right, once we have 1 new case, back to day 1. its dumb. and school fully reopen? this is a joke right? kinngait schools were finished on june 16 and rankin on june 10. even NAC students will be finished by this week? what schools?

  3. Posted by Mask Zombie on

    No covid for thousands of miles

    ThAnK gOd We GeT tO kEeP WeArInG oUr MaSkZ!!!

  4. Posted by It’s Time July 01/21 on

    July 1/21 is the day to open Nunavut Up.
    Get everybody back to work !
    Open Restaurants & Bars to full capacity !
    Open Recreational Facilities to full capacity !
    Open Up The Bear & Wine Store……O that’s right it never closed…..LMAO
    No more social distancing & No more mask !
    July 1/21 will mark 14 days after Nunavut’s youth were vaccinated. Its time to move on.
    Our Government & CPHO have done a GREAT job and fought this pandemic to the best of their abilities, but its time to take the blinders off.
    Now’s the time. You have the opportunity to show the public “Your People” who have listen to you for the past year that all of this was not in vein.
    Open Nunavut Back Up July 01/21

    • Posted by Fear equal control on

      Politicians are like the wind, when they will feel that the majority of voters are not afraid anymore, they will have to loosened restrictions up. As long as fear is present among the majority of voters, they will respond with control.

      Get your vaccine, educate yourself about the risks and show courage and confidence. Be in control.

      They will have no choice but to lift restrictions because now they will be the one overwhelmed by fear: the fear of losing the next election.

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