Curley seeks inquiry into missing Inuit family


An Inuit family that disappeared in 1945 could still be alive and Nunavut should launch an investigation, Rankin Inlet North MLA Tagak Curley told the legislative assembly last week.

Curley was referring to a Hall Beach family that vanished while returning from Cape Dorset by dog sled. Three families set off on the trip, but only two arrived. A sled was later found, but the family was missing, and no bodies were discovered.

Many people, including Curley, believe the family was abducted and taken away in a Russian or German plane in the last year of the Second World War.

Ruth Nujatsiakuluk of Hall Beach was 16 when her parents, sister, and two brothers disappeared. She was in the gallery while Curley spoke.

“This is a criminal investigation, and because of that, the government has to get more facts with the RCMP and the federal government to open the investigation because the cold war is over.”

Justice Minister Paul Okalik said he would work with CLEY to find out what information had been already been compiled.

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