Daughter lived life to the fullest


My daughter Rebecca was born on Feb. 9, 1952, and died on Feb. 9, 2003. She was buried on Feb. 14, which is also her wedding anniversary.

On her behalf, I send out greetings to the people she interpreted for. She did her best in answering questions and tried just as hard when speaking on behalf of the Inuit she was interpreting for.

She has helped just about everybody in the Baffin Region because of her warm heart.

She lived her life to the fullest, in fact, she worked right to the end. Look at her beautiful smile, you can almost feel her warm heart. Rebecca is no longer with us, but she is buried in Iqaluit. Our Lord decided it was her time so she left us.

Thank you to her family, her daughters, grandchildren, and especially her husband Jean-Guy. Rebecca wanted us to keep you in the family, and we will grant her wish. Jean-Guy you are still family and we love you.

Tommy Tattatuapik
Rebecca Degrasse’s father
Arctic Bay

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