Search crew finds 2 other bodies during search for missing Nunavik kayaker

Man, who has been missing for 5 days, presumed to have drowned off coast of Puvirnituq

A Puvirnituq man is presumed drowned after his fell out of his kayak while paddling near the Hudson coast community last weekend, police say. (Google maps image)

By Sarah Rogers

Updated on July 17

A Puvirnituq man is presumed to have drowned after he fell out of his kayak while paddling near the Hudson coast community last weekend.

A local search and rescue crew combed the Puvirnituq River earlier this week, and although they were unable to find the missing kayaker, Puvirnituq mayor Lucy Qalingo said searchers did find the bodies of two other people.

Those bodies have been recovered, said Nunavik police, though they offered no other information about the discovery.

Police have not identified the missing kayaker either.

He was last seen July 10, when witnesses saw his kayak tip.

Searchers could not initially locate the man or his boat, stated the Nunavik Police Service in an email Thursday.

His kayak was later found washed ashore.

Since then, the community has organized shoreline and river searches, including an aerial search by helicopter. The Sûreté du Québec also sent a team of divers to assist with the search.

“Due to the very low temperature of the water, it is not believed that he made it ashore,” the Nunavik Police Service said.

“The search is ongoing.”


An earlier version of this story said the Sûreté du Québec divers had found the two bodies when, in fact, it was local searchers who discovered them. 

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by JOHN on

    Confusing story .

  2. Posted by mario aubin on

    NASTC diving team will be ready to dive if need it..

  3. Posted by Puvirnutuqmiuq on

    They were found by the locals, combing the river, before the divers arrived.

  4. Posted by Puvirnitummiuq on

    Please specify. The sq did not find the bodies. It’s the local search and rescue team that found the bodies. The sq divers only arrived after receiving information of the findings. They only stayed 2 days in town. The local searchers are the one working hard in trying to recover the body with poor equipments.

  5. Posted by Stephen Grasser on

    It is essential that each northern village has a trained crew of divers. Just as first responders, fire department, etc.


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