Electrical problem with Apex water pumping to be fixed

City passes motion to have Apex water pumping station fixed for spring melt

A pumping station at the Apex River pumps water into the city’s water resevoir Lake Geraldine, seen here. City council passed a motion this week to spend more than $500,000 to fix electrical problems at the station. (Photo courtesy of David Alexander)

By David Lochead

Iqaluit’s city council voted to spend more than $500,000 to fix electrical problems with the Apex River pumping station.

The station pumps water from the Apex River into the city’s water reservoir, Lake Geraldine. That water is then run through the water treatment plant and into the city’s water distribution system.

An electrical inspector with the GN identified problems with the pump last year, according to city documents.

These problems need to be fixed before pumping activities can begin this spring.

The repairs will cost $523,938, which goes approximately $343,000 over the city’s budget.

“Budget-wise, we’re not in a comfortable position. Having said that, we absolutely have to pump water,” said Suman Ghosh, the city’s director of engineering and capital planning, during Tuesday’s meeting.

Deputy mayor Kyle Sheppard asked how quickly the fixes to the pumping station can be finished.

“With the weather we’ve been having and the weather to come, that water is going to be flowing sooner rather than later,” Sheppard said.

Ghosh said the goal is to have the fixes done by the first week of June.

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  1. Posted by Hunter on

    I suspect the GN got a new inspector who is not goign to get pushed around.

  2. Posted by Over estimated on

    Simple order directly with the pumps and can possibly get 3 extra pumps for 500k,

    Where can you find tender posts!,


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