Emerging talent at Aqpik Road Show in Kuujjuaq

Niivi Snowball, 12, makes her debut as a soloist at the second Aqpik Road Show in Kuujjuaq on Tuesday, Sept. 1, outside the Katittavik Town Hall Theatre. The event, at which the audience watched and listened in their vehicles, was organized by Katittavik Town Hall Theatre technical director Liam Callaghan, in lieu of the usual Aqpik Jam Music Festival that couldn’t take place due to the pandemic restrictions. Snowball, whose father is Kuujjuaq musician Etua Snowball, a.k.a. Sinuupa, sang her song “Broken Mirror,” for which she wrote the lyrics and the music, and played the accompaniment on her ukulele. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

By Nunatsiaq News

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