Five teams compete in Kuujjuaq’s ‘mini Ivakkak’ race

Nunavik communities run smaller races this year while Makivik’s annual Ivakkak tradition was put on hold due to COVID-19

Musher George Kauki celebrates as his dogsled team finishes the “mini Ivakkak” near Kuujjuaq on April 29. Five teams competed in the race, organized by the Kuujjuaq Pinguatitsijingiit Recreation Committee this year to replace the annual Ivakkak event, normally run by Makivik Corp. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

By Nunatsiaq News

George Kauki and his dogsled team won April 29th’s “mini Ivakkak” in Kuujjuaq, taking home the $10,000 prize in the 64-kilometre race and finishing in just over five hours.

Kauki won with an official time of 5:23:03, organizers said. Junior May won $5,000 for finishing second with a time of 5:27:14, while Aloupa Kauki placed third (5:54:46), winning $2,000.

Fourth place went to Sheldon Whiteley (6:16:13), and Randy Gordon came in fifth (6:53:21).

Five dogsled teams competed in the event on Stewart Lake, also known as Tasialuk, and raced to Qasiriarsiuvik and back.

The race, organized by the Kuujjuaq Pinguatitsijingiit Recreation Committee, replaced the annual Ivakkak event.

Most years, Makivik Corp. holds the annual Ivakkak race, but cancelled it this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, it encouraged each Nunavik community to hold its own race and provided funding to help them do it.

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  1. Posted by Janimarik on

    Congratulations to all qimutsiks! Upirusuutjivunga iluunnasinit!

  2. Posted by The prizes are inappropriately disgusting on

    So there was no Ivakkak last years due to Covid, so lump it together per community, and come up with amount of winnings. Look people the prizes are ridiculous in Nunavik for winning. Bingo included. There are some people with nothing. Why not disbursed money in smaller amounts to more people. It’s very negative and irresponsible to be dishing out money like that. The rest of the province and the country has less respect for Nunavik when you see fund raising, and programs from government purse, then you see this ridiculous waste. Somebody needs to smarten up. It’s one big waste in the midst of needs. Give more programs to the kids. Wake up.

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