Flipping through the file photos – March 11

Nunatsiaq News’ weekly dive into its photo archives during newspaper’s 50th anniversary

A group of unidentified people hold onto each other while crossing a snow-covered street in this undated photo. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

As Nunatsiaq News celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, our staff spent time looking through some of the old photos the paper has collected over the years. Some are black-and-white, some are colour. Published and unpublished. Mostly random. Some have names and dates scribbled on the back, but many don’t.

Throughout the anniversary year, this paper will share some of those photos, including whatever is known about them. In many cases, that’s not very much.

We’re inviting readers to help us identify who is in the picture and tell us what’s happening. If you recognize yourself or someone you know, let us know.

Send an email to editors@nunatsiaq.com or add a comment to the bottom of the slideshow and we’ll add that information to the photo.

Last week, readers helped shed a bit of light on eight of the 10 pictures.

  • 1. Two unidentified curlers sweep a rock in this undated photo. (File photo)
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