Fremantle had a choice


Mr. Ian Fremantle did not get fired. His contract could have been renewed if he had accepted a one-year contract. It was his decision to leave.

I do understand that a two- or four-year contract would have been more attractive. Many people in Iqaluit and elsewhere do not get the contract that they think they deserve yet they keep going without giving up. All of us would like to have guaranteed security with our work.

Yes, some Iqaluit residents disagreed with or had mixed feelings about Mr. Freemantle. When you know that you are doing the right thing you stand up for it. During a one-year contract he could have proven to the skeptics that he was doing well without going on a power trip.

I am disappointed to see that others have been criticized in previous letters that you have published, in order to excuse Mr. Fremantle’s decision not to accept a one-year contract with the City of Iqaluit.

I would like to thank Mr. Keith Irving, Susan Gardener and the board of the Homeowner’s Asssociation for volunteering so much time and energy to help others. It is my experience that only one voice does not go far. Lots of people are afraid to stand for their rights, mistakes happen and our concerns need to be voiced.

Nobody deserves to be criticized because of one person’s decision to quit.

Suzanne Laliberte
Member of Iqaluit Homeowner’s Association

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