GN dispels fears of fuel spill in Hudson Bay

Chesterfield Inlet residents reported strong fuel odours late Friday

The GN’s Petroleum Products Division said an investigation into a suspected spill found no missing fuel from a tanker stationed offshore near Chesterfield Inlet this past weekend. (File photo)

By Sarah Rogers

The Government of Nunavut says reports of a weekend offshore fuel spill near Chesterfield Inlet appear to be erroneous.

Residents of Chesterfield Inlet reported detecting the smell of fuel and sightings of oil slicks in Hudson Bay late last Friday, July 19.

A tanker stationed offshore was in the process of discharging fuel to the community at the time. After the reports were made, the vessel’s crew halted the discharge to inspect the hoses and connections.

“All was found to be in order,” said Ford Widrig, the acting director of the GN’s petroleum products division, in a July 22 email.

A wildlife officer inspected the shoreline the following morning and found no indication of any spill, the division said, while the tanker’s crew found no missing or unaccounted-for fuel from the process of transferring the fuel from the ship to the tanks on shore.

“Fuel sheen is believed to be from the residual product on the discharge line (or hose) and fuel odour is thought to be a result of increased vapour pressure during discharge,” Widrig explained.

“All vessel fuel inventory was accounted for.”

For its part, the petroleum products division said its investigation is complete.

Nunavut’s fuel is supplied and transported under the GN’s contract with AV Nunavut Fuels and Woodward’s Oil Limited.

To report marine pollution in Nunavut or Arctic waters, call 1-800-265-0237.

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