GN, federal employees to get holiday to mourn Queen Elizabeth

Private sector employers are welcome to take the day off, but not obligated, says GN

Queen Elizabeth, who died Sept. 8, does a walkabout in Iqaluit during the last royal visit to Nunavut, in October 2002. The Nunavut government announced Thursday it will shut down offices on Sept. 19 to mourn her. (File photo)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Government of Nunavut will join the federal government in giving its employees the day off on Sept. 19 for the National Day of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen died Sept. 8 in Scotland. She was 96 years old and served as the Queen of Canada for 70 years.

Five days later, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the government would mark Sept. 19 as a federal holiday.

Thursday morning, the GN announced it would also close its offices for the day.

“Private employers are welcomed to follow suit but are not required to do so,” stated Matthew Illaszewicz, communications manager for the Human Resources Department, in a news release.

Premier P.J. Akeeagok did not respond to an interview request about the holiday.

Nunavut Commissioner Eva Aariak has a book of condolences at her office that Iqalummiut can sign between 1 and 5 p.m. until Sept. 20.

Alternatively, Nunavummiut can send a virtual condolence on the Canadian government’s website.

In a statement, Aariak shared memories of the Queen’s visit to Iqaluit, then known as Frobisher Bay, in 1970 and Rankin Inlet in 1994, when children greeted her by saying, “Queen Elisapi.”

“[The Queen] had said that diversity was a strength and that we should respect the differences between us but never let our differences make us intolerant,” Aariak wrote.

Provinces and territories are observing the day of mourning in various ways.

Prince Edward Island was the only province to declare it a statutory holiday, which mandates Monday as a holiday in both the public and private sectors.

Employees will not get the day off in Nunavik, as Quebec has made the decision to not declare Monday a public holiday.

There’s been no word on if there will be an accession ceremony in Nunavut for King Charles.

Provinces, such as New Brunswick and Ontario, held ceremonies that included speeches from the lieutenant-general and a 21-gun-salute.

On Sept. 10, Akeeagok released a statement congratulating Charles on becoming the new monarch.


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(13) Comments:

  1. Posted by John K on

    I’m far from a monarchist but I won’t complain about a day off.

    Thanks, your Majesty.

  2. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    All of you who complain about this should go to work anyways in protest. As for me I will watch the funeral on Monday., Elizabeth II was a wonderful sovereign. She did more than any other to end the colonial past by overseeing the independence of scores of countries and instead brought them into the commonwealth of nations as equal partners. She has hundreds of charities which she sponsors, has never put a foot wrong or created a scandal and is always dignified and respectful. RIP your Majesty. It was a life of service till the last breath. I can’t imagine the UK without Elizabeth II.

  3. Posted by Inuk guy on

    This is what society has become post pandemic, fricking lazy! Already two long weekends in September but of course GN approves another. And we wonder why the GN takes so long to get stuff done. ?????????????????

    • Posted by John K on

      No one will stop you from going to work. And if it’s such a big trigger for you then why shouldn’t you? Do what’s healthy for you; no one will care.

    • Posted by Not Just Nunavut Is Taking The Day on

      Inuk guy would probably be the first to stand up and shout about how qallunaat forced people into a 5 day work week when it didn’t match their culture, but is also the first to stand up and shout that a single day off for a 70 year monarch means people are lazy.

    • Posted by Igunaaqi on

      I agree with you 100%, it’s been over 5 months to get my reimbursement from the GN! Must be nice to get paid to do nothing!

  4. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    God bless the Queen!

    God save the King!

    Have a nice long weekend!


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