GN should switch to free OpenOffice software


Until Nunavut collects its revenues directly, rather than from the federal government, and we are producing more then we spend ,we will always be looking for ways to become more efficient and cost-efficient.

If there were a way to save millions, and it should be given full consideration.

Good news, there is. It is software.

It is the information era, and documentation is key, to say the least. The way the GN does this is using Microsoft Office, but it comes at a hefty price in licensing fees per computer.

To cut that cost would be amazing, but to eliminate it completely? Just think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be saved. Just think where that extra money could go?

But how could that be? Well and its Office Suite, which is provided free to all. OpenOffice is extensive and has everything that the GN would need, with virtually no lost of functionality.

Here is what it offers:

• Writer – an equivalent to Word;

• Calc – an equivalent to Excel;

• Impress – an equivalent to PowerPoint;

• Base – an equivalent to Access;

– Draw – an equivalent to Visio;

– Math – an equivalent to Math Equator.

OpenOffice uses the Open Document Standard so it will be able to open any document made by Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint or many other office suite types.

Its set up is similar to Office and functions similarly, so any learning curve would be very shallow. Further benefits or information can be found at and should be given full consideration as a money saving replacement.

Millions of people have made the switch to OpenOffice. Several governments have as well, from local to national levels. In fact some international organizations have migrated to OpenOffice.

I encourage you to download it and take it for a test drive. It is free to do so and distribute. Why spend money, big money on something you can get for free and performs all the functions you need?
(Name withheld by request)

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