Nunavut Government seeks youth to help fight climate change

Secretariat to select nine youth for spot on committee

The Government of Nunavut is creating a youth advisory committee on climate change for Nunavummiut between the ages of 18 and 29 years. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Government of Nunavut wants youth to help tackle climate change.

The Climate Change Secretariat  created a youth committee to do that, and those chosen to join will be able to advise the territorial government on its climate-change policies, as well as raise awareness about climate change in their home communities. They’ll also get the chance to represent Nunavut youth at climate-change gatherings.

Members will be able to provide different insights on such climate issues and be a voice to use for all programs, policies, and activities.

The secretariat is calling on anyone aged 18 to 29 to apply. A total of nine people will be selected.

Members will be paid an honorarium and given recognition for their services on the committee. Those eligible can find an application on the Nunavut Climate Change Centre website or visit their local government liaison office.

The deadline is March 31.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Special Advisor on

    Youth will advise on climate change policy… interesting. Will the government also be taking counsel from scientists?

  2. Posted by Anonymous on

    When I was growing up a Youth was considered to be between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age. The ages from 18 to 29 years old are grown adults. This is a major problem in all Inuit Communities and territories, naming grown adults as youths. No wonder there is a struggle and conflict in the Inuit communities today. Its time to start calling them grown adults instead of Youth. Waste of our Tax Paying Dollars again.

  3. Posted by Professional Development on

    They should charge the honorariums to the Department of Human Resources because the only thing this committee will accomplish is padding the resumes of those that sit on it.
    After being on this committee, these “youth” will be perfectly prepared to work for one of the pseudo-governmental associations that get paid buckets of money to sit in on a whole lot of meetings and attend a lot of conferences without actually doing anything.
    A committee of 9 people under 30 to “advise the territorial government on its climate-change policies, as well as raise awareness about climate change in their home communities”. What a joke.

  4. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    18 to 29 Youths?

    what’s next, giving old age pension to 89 to 110 years old in Nunavut? great plan guys.

    quit coddling our generation. this is exactly the reason that the ‘cancel culture’ is prevalent throughout this group of adults. how could a generation growing up playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas become so easily having their feelings hurt? seriously, it’s time to grow up, get a proper education, move out of Mommy and Daddy’s.

    • Posted by iThink on

      Needlessly harsh to attack and denigrate our young people, this initiative is not their doing.

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