Government of Nunavut warns residents against ear candling

Risks include serious burns

This photo shows a man using an ear candle. Nunavut’s Department of Health is cautioning residents that ear candles have no proven medical benefits, and their sale for medical reasons is illegal. The warning was prompted by the sale of ear candles on social media in the Kivalliq region. (Photo by Scott Ferguson/Wikipedia Commons)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Department of Health is warning Nunavummiut about the dangers of ear candling.

That is a practice that involves placing a hollow candle, the far end of which is lit, into the ear canal, with the aim of dealing with problems such as a buildup of ear wax, earache and sinus infections.

“Ear candling can be dangerous and provides no proven medical benefits,” the department said in a news release issued on Friday, Aug. 28.

Risks associated with ear candling include the following:

  • serious burns
  • punctured ear drums
  • temporary loss of hearing
  • candle wax blocking the ear canal
  • nearby objects catching fire

The warning was prompted by the sale of ear candles on social media in the Kivalliq region, according to the news release.

The sale of ear candles for medical reasons is illegal in Canada, and Health Canada has banned the import of ear candles into the country.

The Department of Health encourages anyone who is concerned about ear wax or other conditions to visit your local health centre to discuss safe and effective treatments.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Hygiene 101 on

    Smells like a pyramid scheme and burnt ear skin.

  2. Posted by Thanks on

    This just makes my day! Can you hear me? Don’t be so gullible and follow the crowd, you’re just going to get an ear full, pardon the pun!

  3. Posted by Jen on

    My kids had issues with clogged ears from the dry climate. Best thing for us was sesame oil, few drops a day and it let the ear wax come out on its own. Don’t use anything like tips or Bobby pins. Just the oil. In the south they sell ear drops with peroxide in it an they bubble and loosen everything up. Never tried ear candles.

  4. Posted by M Center on

    Here’s something you should try. It’s called taking a bath and using Q-tip. Problem solved. 😉

    • Posted by jen on

      i wish it was that easy, but not everyone is as fortunate and clever as you. This is something the occasional person truly struggles with, even doing as you say. I sure hope you don’t work at the health center.

      • Posted by M Center on

        You don’t wash, bathe or shower? Do you do laundry? Is it really that hard? If you don’t there may be “Natural Smells” I dare not make reference to. Just that bet they stink. Use common sense please.

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