Greenland seeks greater autonomy


Jonathan Motzfeldt, premier of Greenland, met with Denmark’s minister of foreign affairs last week, calling for more control over foreign policy,

Motzfeldt told Per Stig Moller that Greenland wants a hand in any deal reached with the United States concerning the future of the Thule air base in northern Greenland.

The U.S. wants to include Thule in its proposed National Missile Defense system.

“We agreed that the problems concerning Thule should be solved. It is very important that Greenland and Denmark find a common response,” Moller told Motzfeldt.

Moller promised to find a way to work together on foreign affairs in the future.

“It is essential that Greenland and Denmark continue together. And that will happen, but using different dancing steps. Dancing styles do change,” Moller said.

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