Hamlet of Rankin’s bingo policy a disgrace


I’m disgusted with the way lottery licences are being issued here in Rankin Inlet these days.

Here is the following schedule for radio bingos for the next few weeks:

* April 22: $18,000
* April 29: $10,000, Hamlet Rec. Dept.
* April 30: Doesn’t Say, Doesn’t Say
* May 3: $8,000, Sr. Men’s Volleyball
* May 6: $10,000, Hamlet Rec. Dept.
* May 7: $10,000, Girl’s Soccer
* May 10: Doesn’t Say, Sr. Women’s Volleyball
* May 13: $10,000, Hamlet Rec. Dept.
* May 14: $5,000, Jr. Girl’s Volleyball

First of all, I would consider none of these organization to be not-for-profit or charitable. I don’t think that bingos should be subsidizing government-run programs or trips taken by able-bodied adults who can maintain full-time jobs.

Secondly, the timing of these bingos is going to create a cash-flow shortage in the community.

The one million dollar question is who is this going to be hurt? The kids! Their parents are going to spend everything they have in the hope of winning the big one.

I cannot believe the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet issued this many licenses with huge jackpots in this short time-frame; it is a disgrace they did not think about the kids. The kids are going to suffer for the next few weeks. They won’t have any new clothes and they won’t have anything in their bellies.

This action is so negligent and irresponsible. I believe the time has come for the Nunavut government to intervene and put a halt to these bingos so that the kids don’t suffer. They have to set clear and strict regulations on who can hold bingos, the timing, jackpot amounts etc.

Please withhold my name, I’m relatively new in the community and if my name is published many people are going to be upset at me because they are using bingos for the wrong reason. This is clearly abuse of lotteries.

(Name withheld by request)
Rankin Inlet

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