Hanson gets transit contract


City Council voted this week to award R.L. Hanson Construction a five-year contract to provide transit services for the city.

Hanson Construction will provide the service at a rate of $62.50 an hour for a total of $128,875 per year. Any revenue above and beyond the cost of operation will go to Hanson Construction and not the city, which didn’t sit well with councillor Keith Irving.

Irving feels the city should benefit from the profit if it is making the effort to encourage ridership.

Councillor Chris Wilson responded by saying that being successful at encouraging residents to use more environmentally friendly ways of travel, and the savings resulting from less wear and tear on the roads, is benefit enough for the city.

Revenue from advertising displayed on the bus will go to the city.

As part of the contract, Hanson Construction is purchasing a new bus. Ridership has grown to about 250 people per week over the past month. Ridership is expected to continue to grow as the population grows.

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