Health minister warns of potential fall COVID-19 wave in Nunavut

Trajectory for the wave is currently ‘unknown,’ says John Main

Territorial Health Minister John Main said Monday that there is a potential wave of COVID-19 coming this fall. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Health experts across the country estimate there might be another wave of COVID-19 in the fall, with new variants beginning to spread, Nunavut Health Minister John Main said Monday.

Main warned of the possibility during a minister’s statement in the legislative assembly, where he reminded Nunavummiut to get vaccinated and practise good hygiene to avoid getting the disease this summer.

“From a health perspective, the coming fall and winter could be difficult,” he said. “The exact trajectory [of the wave] is unknown currently, but we do know this — vaccines are our best defence against COVID.”

All Nunavummiut aged 18 and older are eligible for a second booster — or fourth dose — of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Other respiratory illnesses, such as the flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, are also still present in the territory, Main said.

People should still sanitize, wear masks indoors and stay home when they’re sick, he said.

“I don’t want this message to be a rain cloud covering the summer sun,” he said.

“The Department of Health wishes Nunavummiut a healthy and enjoyable summer — which includes some mask-wearing, use of rapid tests and, of course, a vaccine dose or two.”

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(20) Comments:

  1. Posted by Puzzled on

    If the minister of health is concerned about Covid 19 spreading through out Nunavut communities,
    Start monitoring the Covid cases in Nunavut and post them for people to know, just because the restrictions were eased, it doesn’t mean people of Nunavut aren’t suppose to know.

    • Posted by No Accuracy on

      How is the GN supposed to monitor COVID-19 numbers when there is no protocol of reporting cases with positive at-home tests? Even if the GN was reporting on cases, the numbers could be way off and give a false sense of relief

  2. Posted by Dr. Oz on

    And here we go again! Still trying to keep the narrative of FEAR going!

    Covid-19 is now in its endemic stage, no longer a pandemic anymore!!

    FACT: Vaccines and wearing a mask will not prevent you from catching Covid or spreading Covid, as our idiot Prime Minister has so elegantly proven (with 3 jabs and he still catches Covid twice in the last 6 months)!

    FACT: Covid will always be here like the seasonal flu.

    Where’s the logic and common sense from Health officials?

    Instead of continuing with the propaganda of fear, how about concentrating more on promoting healthy lifestyles, healthy diets and health exercise, including functional medicine holistic approaches and choices that will keep everyone healthy and build healthy immune systems to fight off diseases?

    Health officials should be promoting health, not fear!

    • Posted by Conspiracy! on

      FACT: just typing the word “fact” in all caps doesn’t actually make something a fact.

  3. Posted by 867 on

    Just in time for the health centres to reopen after all the nurses come back from their holidays?

    • Posted by Nurses on

      Of course you had to bring the nurses into this conversation, didn’t you. Nurses deserve more Holidays than any other community member, even most likely you. They are tormented and abused all the time and if Nunavut produce their own nurses, they would experience this as well. Rest our case and stop blame anything on nurses, at least they will be able to extend your complaining life. Get real 867, or should I call you 000

  4. Posted by Umingmak on

    Enough with the fear. COVID is something we have to live with. It has proven to have a minuscule rate of serious complications. We need to get on with life.

    • Posted by Keith on

      Sure, miniscule. So long as you ignore the one million dead people in North America. And the percentage of infectees who get long-covid, with symptoms that can continue for at least months and include lung, heart, kidney, neurological and circulatory damage. But other than that, clearly no problems whatsoever.

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      Covid has killed about the same number of people across the globe as the Spanish Flu. It has hospitalized twice as many people as the Spanish Flu. Those with long lasting some fear permanent health effects like long Covid and myocarditis is rising every day. Stop talking about something you clearly know nothing about! If it was minor for you be thankful that the vaccine worked because next time it may not.

  5. Posted by Let us live and stop the abuse on

    John Main says vaccines are our best defense against Covid. Yet those boosted once or twice or catching Covid at an increasing rate faster than the unvaccinated. Don’t ever forget who these people are. I sure won’t.

    • Posted by Community radio pro on

      Those boosted twice are catching covid at a faster, increasing rate than the unvaccinated?

      Just saying it doesn’t make it true😂

    • Posted by Backup on

      Please provide your backup information for your unjustified statement

      • Posted by Sam on

        Wow, not one word about the dreaded MONKEYPOX, wait till we all get that up here.

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      Absolutely untrue! But what is true is that those who have been vaccinated and boosted experienced far less severe symptoms when they did contract Covid.

  6. Posted by Still here on

    I wonder if we should be more worried about monkey pox than covid when Montreal is now priority vaccinating men that have sex with men? Montreal is a direct flight from iqaluit with many worker changeovers occurring regularly.

  7. Posted by Jack on

    Happy days get those hubs in the south reopened, I need a paid vacation again.

  8. Posted by Boosters for life on

    Why are those boosted getting Covid so much?

  9. Posted by Confused on

    Let’s forget about Covid-19 for now and worry about how we will deal with the Monkey pox when it’s in Nunavut.

    • Posted by confusion on

      There have been no reported deaths from this monkeypox outbreak, and it isn’t nearly as transmissible as COVID. Also, even if it was as serious as COVID, we don’t just forget one in favor of the other. If two outbreaks warrant our attention, then we give them both our attention.

  10. Posted by Bill Wyman on

    Monkey pox, its such a funky pox.

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