Hell no, we won’t pay


Twenty-two Arctic Bay residents, many of whom appear to be government workers, have signed a petition saying they don’t want to pay rent increases scheduled under the GN’s new staff housing policy.

GN workers living outside of the three regional centres face 15-per-cent base rent hikes starting Jan. 1, another 15-per-cent increases in 2007, and 20 per cent increases until their rents reach market levels.

At the same time, they’ll be protected by a rental assistance program that will prevent their base rent from exceeding 20 to 30 per cent of their annual income.

“We are unwilling to pay rent for staff housing as outlined in this policy. We believe this policy is unfair, unjust, and will result in professional and GN staff leaving Nunavut,” the petition says.

Levi Barnabas, the MLA for Quttiktuq, tabled the petition in the assembly last week.

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