ICC’s New Year resolutions


In his New Year’s message as president of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Aqqaluk Lynge wished all Inuit living in Russia, Alaska and Canada a prosperous year 2001.

Lynge noted that the United Nations has declared the year 2001 as “the international year of mobilization against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia [fear of foreigners] and related intolerance.”

Lynge said he plans to encourage a debate on the rights of indigenous peoples.

“There is, in the opinion of the ICC, still reason to fight the degrading attitudes towards indigenous people… if xenophobia is to be overcome, we must as indigenous peoples assert our pride and participate in cooperation with the governments in educating the international community about our existence.”

Lynge promised ICC will work on implementing the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and continue its tradition of international partnership in the coming year.

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