Iceland’s Thule beer uses Vikings for promo


The Icelandic ad agency, “Gott fólk,” is touting Iceland’s Thule beer with a television ad campaign, called “Best in the World.”

The most successful of its 11 commercials is called “Beautiful Women” (or “Íslensk fegurd”). In it, two men discuss the many pageants that Icelandic beauty queens have won, and they conclude it’s evidence that Vikings took the most beautiful women for themselves when they pillaged their way through the British Isles 1,000 years ago.

The beer ad is the first ever from Iceland to appear worldwide on television specials presenting the world’s most amusing commercials and it recently won a prestigious award an ad competition. “Gott fólk” says the ad campaign has been very successful and has increased sales of Thule beer by 25 per cent last year, making it the second most popular brand in Iceland.

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