Igloolik doper urges banishment


I want to comment about the piece where Ed deVries said that in Igloolik everyone is a pothead.

That is not true, there are lots of young people who I know who do not smoke pot. I am concerned that Igloolik residents will be labeled now as potheads.

I am myself a heavy user.

So please get that man out of Igloolik before he really screws us up.

Also, there is also another man who will need to be sent out of Igloolik too, since he sells joints that are .3 grams for $30. That man [not Ed deVries] is the worst offender, since he also buys girls for drugs and money.

It would be very hard to quit since I have been smoking marijuana for a long time and am trying to quit smoking marijuana, and these two major distubutors are not helping.

I prefer that individual persons not affiliated with any gangs should be the only ones selling marijuana in Igloolik, since the money would stay in Igloolik.

Please withhold my name for I am afraid that someone would hire a goon to go after me.

(Name withheld by request)

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