Insurance firm clarifies Iqaluit position


Arctic Insurance Brokers Ltd would like to reply to a letter authored by Hunter Tootoo and published in your July 28 paper.

For the record, Arctic Insurance Brokers have acknowledged the efforts of Hunter Tootoo in assisting us in the establishment of our office. Upon the termination of Hunter’s consulting contract, a letter was sent to all of the clients of Arctic Insurance Brokers. We are including a copy of that letter that explains that we have progressed beyond the consulting arrangement and require a full-time commitment. Hunter’s busy MLA life causes a conflict of his time demand that both positions require.

An immediate mandate of our firm going forward is to hire a full-time person to assist in the growth and manage the increasing demands of the insurance industry and the Iqaluit office. We are interviewing many local people for the position and anticipate that the new position created will be filled shortly.

The resident office currently employs two full-time people and anticipates the hiring of an additional person in the near future. We are proud to be a local participating business in Iqaluit

Arctic Insurance Brokers Ltd. is the only insurance brokerage in Canada with resident offices in all three territories. We believe that you must invest in the communities that you do business in and we practice what we preach.

Hunter, we thank you for your original assistance and wish you well in your endeavours in the future.

James G. Mones
Arctic Insurance Brokers Ltd.

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