Inuit organizations award snowmobiles, ATVs as prizes to lucky vaccinated beneficiaries

NTI gives away one snowmobile in every Nunavut community, KIA awards prizes in 7 Kivalliq communities

A snowmobiler speeds across the ice in Iqaluit during Toonyk Tyme in April. Two groups, NTI and KIA, held raffles to give out free snowmobiles and ATVs to eligible Inuit beneficaries who received COVID-19 vaccines. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Nunatsiaq News

Updated on Tuesday, May 3 at 10:15 p.m.

More than 30 lucky Inuit who rolled up their sleeves and received their COVID-19 vaccines have been awarded snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles as prizes by two Nunavut Inuit organizations.

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and Kivalliq Inuit Association each held their own raffles over the past week. The organizations had offered the prizes earlier in the pandemic to encourage their members to get vaccinated.

On Friday, NTI vice-president James Eetoolook drew the names of one Nunavut resident from every community at a raffle event in Rankin Inlet, according to a news release. Winners have received or will receive one of the 25 snowmobiles awarded.

Two other winners living out-of-territory were also selected to receive a $5,000 cash prize.

“Individuals who had their names drawn had until April 29, 2022, to show proof of vaccination,” the news release said.

“Adults and children who received Moderna or Pfizer had to show proof of two doses and adults who received Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine had to show proof of one dose.”

The federal government’s Indigenous Community Support Fund covered the costs of the snowmobiles, according to the release.

On Monday, KIA held its own draw, awarding seven snowmobiles and seven ATVs to vaccinated Inuit beneficiaries from all seven Kivalliq communities. Two winners were selected from each community, with one receiving a snowmobile and the other getting an ATV.

“The Kivalliq Inuit Association has completed selecting the names of the snowmobile and ATV draw this morning,” KIA said on Facebook. “The staff and management are contacting the individuals in the region that have won and verifying vaccination status.”

Correction: This article has been updated from a previous version to indicate that the two draws were open to Inuit beneficiaries who are members of NTI or KIA.


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(13) Comments:

  1. Posted by Arctic Circle on

    Congratulations to all winners 🙂

    • Posted by Innuapik on

      Still waiting for my ATV…I got proof of vaccination….

  2. Posted by AlwaysExcluded on

    Correction: draw wasn’t for Nunavut residents who are vaxed, but only Inuit.
    Contests like these are never inclusive.

  3. Posted by 867 on

    These inuit orgs are really running out of creative ways to spend their billions. Housing and training? Nah. Let’s just give more free stuff away. Half a million on new snowmachines? Sounds good to me.

  4. Posted by Gorf on Dorf on

    Nowhere have I seen so much of an economy built on gambling.

  5. Posted by Ponder on

    I’d rather not even be in the draw. Anyone jumping on this wagon has done zero research outside of mainstream media. Enjoy your machines, I will walk 🙂

  6. Posted by Thomas Shelby on

    All everyone talks about here in Nunavut is the housing shortage, how Inuits have to live with 8 other people in their 1 bedroom apartment, over crowding etc.. What does NTI do, give away 25 snow machines. “Insert eye roll here”

  7. Posted by frank on

    IMO, i would say it would’ve benefit more citizens of nunavut if NTI and KIA thought about a better way before deciding to give out a huge single prize x’s 3 in each community. something like, $1000.00 gift card x’s 45 for each community so that they’ll be 45 people who NTI and KIA helped rather than just 3 in each community. while a lot of families are barely making it, NTI and KIA decide to give away transportations? might as well start giving away 4×4 trucks, wouldn’t you say?!?!

  8. Posted by pissed off on

    Once again , let`s give up some FREE STUFF to the people instead of managing the affairs of the community better.
    How easy it is to please the people you are supposed to serve .
    This has been a way of life for many people of the North to wait for someone else to pay for everything. Housing , plane tickets , meals , etc…name it . It is just promoting again the welfare culture that is so pervasive . How about rewarding real excellence so people see that value of hard work and perseverance ??


  9. Posted by Nanauq on

    I am paying taxes both in federal and territory, why am I paying for this gamble?

  10. Posted by Iwonder on

    I wonder how many people got their vaccine for a chance to win these items. That would be very interesting to find out. I get the idea of incentives for doing something that is good for society, much better than disincentives, but for something that has immediate benefit for individuals, like a vaccine that reduces our individual risk of death or severe injury, it does seem odd that this is necessary. If it worked, good, but did it?

    • Posted by 867 on

      So much funding in the north comes from gambling. No community initiatives would ever get funding if it weren’t for bingos and Nevadas, none.

  11. Posted by Bill Tagalik on

    ok but heres the thing. did they do this to encourage inuit to get vaxxed? so…how many inuit were vaccinated before they knew there was going to be this draw vs how many people got vaccinated at the chance to win a skidoo?

    most already were vaccinated and inuit orgs going back to say those who got vaccinated 2 years ago now, well do this draw???


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