Iqaluit family wellness office closed due to staff shortage

Grinnell Place Family Wellness site scheduled to reopen July 18; people urged to contact RCMP in case of emergency

Iqaluit’s Grinnell Place Family Wellness office is closed until July 18, the Department of Family Services has announced. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

A staff shortage has forced the temporary closure of Iqaluit’s family wellness office.

The Grinnell Place Family Wellness office is closed and won’t reopen until July 18, Nunavut’s Department of Family Services announced Wednesday.

During the closure limited staffing will be available to provide some services, such as emergent service and assisting clients to and from medical appointments and family visits.

The department urged people to continue to use the family wellness centre’s on-call number and to contact RCMP in case of emergency.

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(13) Comments:

  1. Posted by Neevee on

    I applied for a job and the department said I wasn’t from that region so not to waste my time. How is turning away local workers and going the agency route working for you now?
    Stop black listing people.

    • Posted by Noted on

      There needs to be a deep audit of HR and of its hiring practices. In my experience it is highly dysfunctional.

      • Posted by Umingmak on

        A couple years ago, there was a big scandal in one of the regional HR offices where a staff member was posting all over that she would just throw out resumes from one specific family if they ever applied and that she had the right to do it because she was HR.

        She was never fired. She wasn’t even suspended.

        • Posted by Name withheld on

          That is very scary to even imagine that it was going on!! And to not be suspended or even demoted to another position even scarier .

          The Minister of HR or even the Premier should request an audit of each regional practice when it comes to hiring, consulting contracts .

      • Posted by Ben Decko on

        I recall a while back where a town tried exposing the blatant nepotism hiring practices. Media came is and… the locals GN staff denied everything as they’re all related.

        • Posted by Qurious on

          And what town would that be?

    • Posted by Will Hunting on

      So true.?

  2. Posted by Another Former Insider on

    Today the story is about Family Wellness in Iqaluit.
    During the past several years we’ve read many stories about other GN facilities that were closed because of no staff.
    The GN has about 2000 vacant positions.
    Many of the posted GN vacancies are designated “open until filled”. That means no suitable applicant applied during the application period, but the GN is still hoping someone, somewhere, will apply who “they” will like.
    Meanwhile, Nunavut has the highest unemployment rate in Canada.
    Clearly, the current way of doing things is not working.
    Maybe it’s time for managers to stop waiting for perfect applicants who “can hit the ground running”.
    Maybe it’s time for leaders to figure out how to divide up the work that needs to be done, use the people available, and provide the needed direction, to at least get most things done.

    • Posted by Name Withheld on

      You are absolutely right and I couldn’t agree with you more!!
      Majority of the GN staff are on CSA or hired as a consultant from south and yet the consultant hired are given staff housing and pay peanuts if nothing at all during their contract with the GN.

      And yet we have Dept of HR dictating who qualifies for a position when in fact are hiring non-residence of Iqaluit or allowing this practice to be done by other GN departments.

      It’s who you know and whom you are related to in order to get hired as a casual or indeterminate position with the GN. Never mind what you know and have experience in.

      99% of the time Department of HR will not contact you and if they do, it’s to thank you for applying but you don’t qualify as you aren’t buddies with the hiring manager!!

      • Posted by S on

        Thanks for your comment, “Name Withheld”; in part you are right. The problem is much worse than you state however.

        Yes, there is rampant nepotism and favoritism – in the smaller communities as well as the capital. That’s endemic with favoritism among powerful Inuk clans as well as little kablunaq cliques. We witness the same incompetent people hiring and promoting the same incompetent people repeatedly.

        Sadly, even where there isn’t favoritism, incompetence abounds. Layered on top of that is stale or impractical policy, traditions, and dogma. As a society, Nunavut has embraced the worst of the worse from the past, present and future. It is a welfare state, mired in antisocial socialism, and governed with incompetence and malfeasance.

        Nothwithstanding all that, there is an abundance of good people in every community – locals and CFAs. They are becoming more and more disillusioned and disheartened.

  3. Posted by Thomas aggark on

    I applied for it too they never call back

  4. Posted by Where on

    Where would Nunavut be without the employees from the south? Complete your education, keep your criminal records clean, and you’ll always get a job in Nunavut, including housing.

    Stop the complaining, because jobs are not occupied by race, they are filled by qualifications.

    • Posted by Name withheld on

      1. Majority of the jobs are filled by nepotism in Nunavut so please do not preach qualifications!!

      2nd those whom claim to have the qualifications do indeed lie on their resume to ensure they qualify for an interview. And I know a few who have given a fake reference, as I have reached out to them.


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