Iqaluit RCMP investigating reports of pins in Halloween candy

Police ask parents inspect candy before kids eat it

Nowdlak Kelly, an Iqaluit resident, said she found a pin in her daughter’s Halloween candy collected in the Plateau area of the city. (Photos courtesy of Nowdlak Kelly)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Iqaluit RCMP says it’s investigating after it received two reports from parents who reported they found metal pins in their children’s Halloween candy.

RCMP said in a news release Thursday that they first received a report of a pin in candy on Wednesday, two days after Halloween.

Nowdlak Kelly, one of the people who made a report to the RCMP, told Nunatsiaq News her daughter bit into a chocolate bar, only to find a pin inside.

“I was so afraid of other children getting severely injured. This is all so scary. And extremely disturbing,” Kelly wrote in a message to Nunatsiaq News.

Police received a second complaint on Thursday morning about a similar type of pin. The pins are about two centimetres long, RCMP said.

“It has not been determined which home the candies have came from but both complainants have advised that they were collecting candy in the Plateau area of Iqaluit,” the release said.

RCMP are asking parents to “be very vigilant” and to inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it.

Anyone who notices tampering or a foreign object in candy is asked to place the candy in a bag and bring it to the Iqaluit RCMP detachment or contact the RCMP at 867-979-1111.



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  1. Posted by Metal detectors. on

    Are residents able to bring their child’s candy down to the RCMP station to get metal detected?

  2. Posted by Will I Am on

    Iqaluit used to be so safe and now people are going crazy putting needles in our kukuks. I remember when people used to just slip airplane bottles of booze into kid’s halloowe’en bags. Not needles and edibles! Maybe we should have police on every corners at hallowe’en with metal detector wands and edible sniffing dogs!

    • Posted by what?? on

      Are you saying you miss you miss the good old days when people gave out little bottles of liquor to kids? what the hell.

      • Posted by It’s Getting Worse In Clown World on

        They’re pointing out that things have been getting worse. Not that they’re pining for the old days.

        Whats up with all the downvotes in this article?


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