RCMP provide further information about incident in Iqaluit’s Tundra Valley

No arrest was made at an incident that Iqaluit RCMP responded to in the city’s Tundra Valley neighbourhood today. As of mid-afternoon, the situation had been resolved. An email from the RCMP V Division said, “RCMP had received information and believe that Iola Lucassie was inside a residence in the Tundra Valley (media release was sent out last week requesting public help locate him). Iqaluit RCMP responded to the area and closed off the road. A residence was cleared and the surrounding area. Lucassie was not located and still has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.” (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Typical-Wednesday on

    Welcome to Iqaluit lol

    • Posted by Anie d on

      Yup .lol

    • Posted by Pathetic on

      Literally every response to anything negative that happens

      “Welcome to iqaluit”

      So annoying.

  2. Posted by Anie d on

    Will, I expected a long story to this when I clicked it turns out short story..lol

  3. Posted by Name withheld on

    It shouldn’t have to be welcome to Iqaluit, it takes a community to make a difference, and the leaders who were all elected with the legislative, council, committee members, board members… Not only the RCMP… I think everyone needs to pitch in… If you live in it, you are responsible also… Make a difference even if it’s just a smile

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