Iqaluit residents urged to fill water jugs before Wednesday’s shutdown

City issues tips for getting through city-wide service disruption

The City of Iqaluit is urging residents to prepare for Wednesday’s one-day water shutdown. (File photo by Emma Tranter)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit residents are encouraged to fill water jugs or other containers to help them get through Wednesday’s one-day water shutdown.

It’s one of the tips the City of Iqaluit listed in a public service announcement to help prepare for the city-wide disruption. The city is shutting water off on Sept. 1 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to allow for the replacement of key valves to the city’s water infrastructure.

Other suggestions the city offered include:

  • Shutting off circulator pumps before the shutdown and turning them back on afterward.
  • Boiling any water to be consumed or used for brushing teeth for one minute.
  • Taking the tank lid off toilets to allow tanks to be filled with water for flushing.
  • Using hand sanitizer or other cleaning agents for general cleaning.
  • Using water for essential uses only.
  • People on trucked-water service should conserve water on Tuesday to ensure they do not run out on Wednesday.

Across the city, some services might be disrupted by the water shutdown. For example, the RCMP’s Iqaluit detachment’s front counter service will be suspended during the shutdown. The detachment will be closed for non-emergency service calls. Services will resume on Thursday. Residents can call the emergency line in the event of an emergency.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Timing on

    It’s great that they planned to do this when the max number of people are back in town coming back from their summer exile.

    • Posted by scifi on

      The city, and the world for that matter, doesn’t revolve around the travel schedules of others. Perhaps if people had the sense to email the city with their itineraries they could have done a better job.
      Seriously man, it’s an isolated place with a short window to do this sort of work and lots of factors like sealift or other more pressing projects determine when stuff like this gets done. They gave you over a week’s notice. That’s pretty dang good.

      • Posted by 867 on

        Could have been done outside work hours but i guess the workers call the shots and wont agree to work nights or weekends. Better listen to them and shut down all offices and schools.

  2. Posted by Uvanga on

    Ok NTI, time to use the money given from the mines and hire people to fill jugs of water to give to the ones that do not have access to vehicles that can help them to get water from the river.


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