City of Iqaluit to suspend water and sewage services Saturday

City says disruption required while maintenance is performed on vehicles

People in Iqaluit should plan ahead this weekend as the city is suspending its water delivery and sewage services on Saturday. Service is set to resume Sunday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

There will be no water delivery or sewage services in Iqaluit this Saturday.

The city made the announcement Tuesday in a public service announcement.

The suspension of services is to allow for necessary upgrades to the city’s fleet of water delivery and sewage pump trucks.

The announcement says regular service will resume Sunday at 6 a.m.


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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Phase in Upgrades? on

    Nunatsiaq, is there a reason that the city can’t just do these upgrades one truck at a time while resuming services?

  2. Posted by enosamm on

    Are they upgrading all the trucks at the same time? How are they able to have that many mechanics working simultaneously? It seems like a weird way to do it, whatever I’m on utilidor.

    • Posted by John K on

      You know where we live right? Half the drivers are probably also the mechanics.

  3. Posted by Northern Guy on

    I am glad that somebody in town can get their vehicles serviced in a timely manner! The rest of us poor schmucks have wait at least three months. Anyone interested in opening a garage?

  4. Posted by Arviat strong on

    They need to learn from arviat, they have 7 water and 7 sewage and always have spare to use when they service or fix the water truck or sewage truck, operation continue with out delays

    • Posted by Bubba on

      arviat strong!

  5. Posted by Homeowner on

    I remember being on truck service in a smaller community, we used to get water and sewage twice a week.
    So not having truck service on Saturday this hits the fan! Boy how times have changed, house holds must be using so much water these days if they are used to getting water service every day.

    • Posted by JIT Delivery on

      The audacity of people to want to have access to reliable water services. People should just learn to be happy with receiving a limited supply of water and having to ration it.
      That being said, having water trucks every day does not mean that every house is getting water every day. It means water is being delivered to *some* houses everyday. But when water trucks are off the road, it sets the entire schedule back and forces them to “catch up”.

  6. Posted by Eyes on them on

    This is unacceptable as excuses arises part time Mayor’s and half elected replacement and we know for now the City officials on administration cannot handle the operations and end up hiring consultants and waste funds again,
    One day they will be loosing this a d have another firm take the helm soon we hope.

    Ears open

  7. Posted by Steve on

    1 Saturday not a problem, Or it should not be a problem. When we can’t plan around 1 day without then…

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