Iqaluit loses senior administrator


City hall’s struggle to keep qualified officials took a hit earlier this month when staff learned the director of lands and planning was moving South.

After two years with the city, Chrystal Fuller told administration that she had accepted a more junior position in her hometown of Kings, Nova Scotia, in order to be closer to family.

In an interview after her announcement, Fuller said she was confident her departure wouldn’t slow down the myriad of projects she was overseeing.

“I’m sure it will be reasonably seamless,” she said.

Fuller leaves behind a sizable workload, including the creation of the city’s, and potentially the North’s, first environmentally “sustainable subdivision,” as well as the street sign project, the creation of a public square, and the downtown redevelopment plan.

The city’s chief administrator, Ian Fremantle, said the announcement came as a “complete shock” and he didn’t expect to find a replacement until at least March 1.

“Finding senior people isn’t easy,” Fremantle said, “unless someone falls out of the sky.”

Fuller’s department saw sizable budget increases for 2004, mainly for new hires, increased salaries, and environmental planning initiatives.

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