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Iqaluit man to serve assault conviction on weekends


Norman Mark was sentenced to 90 days in jail for assaulting a woman who was attempting to stop a fight between Mark and an elder. Mark will serve his sentence on weekends.

Emily Ashoona was at an Iqaluit residence on Feb. 10 when Mark lunged for his father-in-law after an evening of drinking.

Ashoona told Mark to stop and Mark turned his anger on her, Ashoona said.

“When he was pounding my face he said you don’t need to fucking help anyone,” Ashoona told the court.

Mark’s wife Elisapee testified she was the one who fought Ashoona — not her husband.

Crown lawyer Kevin Drolet challenged Elisapee’s explanation. “You have a strong motive to lie today to protect him,” he said.

Mark began serving his weekend sentence on Nov. 29.

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