Iqaluit ratepayer says $4 million borrowing not needed


The speeding drivers of gas-guzzling, ozone-depleting vehicles have been appeased, again.

I wonder how many times the roads have been paved, and if city council plans to shell out that project money every few years?

Sidewalks and boardwalks for the safety of pedestrians should have been considered over the comfort of drivers.

While that band-aid project takes place, the stench of the sewage lagoon hangs over the town, people are being evicted from their homes, and now the council wants $4 million for another unnecessary project, the treatment and storage of water.

I have yet to see the social issues of this city being addressed.

I think it’s time the councillors get their heads out of the clouds and get back to reality.

Kitikmeot Community Futures Inc., Job Opportunity – Executive Director


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