Iqaluit schools suffering, student says


The MLAs are all talk and no do.

In 1999, they said that education is on top of their to-do list. Well, it has been four years and I feel nothing has happened.

Last year, I was in Grade 4. The kids in my class were sharing math books and doing assignments on recycled paper instead of scribblers.

Whenever the teacher asked me to do an errand, I would pass classes that seemed to get bigger in numbers, but the classroom size stayed the same. Next year, the classes will be split grades because of fewer teachers.

The government is using a new way to figure out how many teachers we need, but it doesn’t work. The IDEA, (Iqaluit District Education Authority, my mom used to be on it) says there is a problem and wants parents to come to meetings and write letters to schools and to the department of education to complain.

I think this is one reason why my parents decided to home-school. They didn’t want my education to suffer. Other kids aren’t so lucky to have parents who can do this, but what will happen to their education and Nunavut’s future?

Tyler Tait-Chegwyn

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