Is it possible to stop drinking?


Some people quite and some people don’t want to quit. For me, i found it difficult to quit.

For the past few years, I tried to quit drinking, but no, no, not for me, I said to myself.

It was so hard to quit drinking. I have tried to quit for so long, but that didn’t work for me. Every time I had money, the first thing that came to my mind was booze. I didn’t like it at all.

But when I had no money, I used to look for booze to steal. But that was then.

When I turned adult it was a problem for me and my family. I cause too much trouble and too many problems and I didn’t like it at all. Every time I drink, I usually think in the past instead of my future.

Quite a few times I turned my house upside down and my father didn’t like it all. I don’t blame him. I have tried to hut myself and suicide, just to make my family happier. But that didn’t work, it made my family miserable.

So this time, I won’t touch any booze. I haven’t drank for at least five weeks and never will. So, to give you parents some tips: don’t drink a lot of booze, or don’t drink if you can’t handle it. Let your children’s future come first, not the booze…

(Name withheld by request)

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