Is the truth always a mystery?


When speaking about homosexuals, a Reverend (whose name will not be mentioned), stated verbatim, to a large congregation, the following words.

“God didn’t make them that way. Don’t blame God for that!” He went on to say, “Who wants your children? I’ll tell you who wants your children. The homosexual crowd wants your children.”

One can only wonder how much animosity and violence, even to the point of death, homosexuals have suffered because of this type of teaching. From countless studies done, homosexuals are sometimes pedophiles, but the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

To question the people who claim to speak on behalf of God, is not to question God. Theologians vehemently disagree on the meaning of the scriptures, and still we do not learn that faith is belief without knowing.

Is it possible that the truth of the Bibles, (for there are many), is that truth is beyond our grasp and therefore meant to remain a mystery?

June VanDerMark,
McBride, B.C.

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