JHSN helps Inuit prisoners


First of all, I would like to thank the John Howard Society for helping out with the country food for the Inuit prisoners in the South.

Without the support and assistance of JHSN, there would be no celebration on Nunavut Day and Christmas for the Inuit men in prison. Thank you JHSN for letting the celebrations happen far away from home.

JHSN have also started a Christmas video exchange program between the families and the guys who are in prison. Again, without the help of JHSN this would not have been a success. This is the closest you can get to see love ones far away from home for such a long time – through video.

It is very costly to send country food to Ontario from Nunavut, where the country food must stay frozen because of so many hours of getting it to the destination. The cost to ship the frozen food and getting it transported to keep the food frozen sometimes costs more then the food itself.

Let’s not forget the Inuit men and women who are in federal prison. They are as much Inuit, as we are here up in the North who like to eat country food. I know that they are in prison for a reason, but they are part of Inuit society who are in need of help.

As we all know, the cost of shipping anything to the South is paid by weight, and shipping the frozen country food costs more than the price of the meat.

Keep up the great work for helping our fellow Inuit in the South that need your help.

Leetia Kowalchuk

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