Joshua Kango to head Amarok HTA


Joshua Kango was elected chairperson of the Amarok Hunters and Trappers Association in Iqaluit during a vote that didn’t get underway until after midnight at the organization’s annual general meeting this past Monday.

The previous chairperson, Michael Qappiq, stepped down earlier this year after being charged with drinking and driving. Qappiq was replaced by acting chairperson Sammy Josephee. Josephee was re-elected to the board for another term.

Also re-elected were Jeetaloo Kakee, Nutarajuk Arnauyumayuq and Norman Ishulutak.

Three new members were also elected: Nash Sageatook, Jacob Shaimaiyuk and Naulaq Inookie.

All of the board members were elected to serve two-year terms. That could change when the board implements new bylaws to extend the length of the terms, as voted on by the members.

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