Kangirsuk raises funds for tsunami relief


The volunteers were Lucy Haukai and Elena Airo, who helped fundraise for tsunami relief.

They opened an account at the co-op as well as selling raffle tickets, and holding dollarama sales, etc.

On one night, Jan. 6, 2005, $1,009.72 was raised by selling raffle tickets, and the money was send to Oxfam Canada.

On Jan. 10, 2005 money was raised again in the amount of $3,687.94, which was senT to the Canadian Red Cross.

Organizations also donated:

* CNV of Kangirsuk sold raffle tickets for a ski-doo, $2083.80;
* Canadian Rangers sold raffle tickets, $170.00
* Landholding corporation donated a cheque, $250;
* Anglican church donated $552;
* IPL students raise money in a bingo game and gave 25 per cent, $120;
* The Kimattuutik women’s group donated $200.

Some donated money through the co-op and some by personally giving cash.

Overall money that was raised was in the amount of $5,048.17 from the Kangirsuk Makitautik halfway house, donated money by Internet, and also the Northern store, which is collecting money for Tsunami relief.

Lucy Haukai and Elena Airo

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