KIA unveils plans for $5.7M in COVID-19 relief money

Funding will go to food hampers, mental health programming and prize draws for vaccinated Kivalliq Inuit

The Kivalliq Inuit Association, headquartered in Rankin Inlet, has unveiled its fourth round of COVID-19 relief funding from the Indigenous Communities Support Fund. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Kivalliq Inuit Association is providing some relief to its members who might be struggling to get enough food by distributing $5.7 million in federal COVID-19 relief money to several community programs.

The money comes from the fourth phase of the Indigenous Communities Support Fund, a federal program administered through Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. KIA issued a news release last week outlining its plans for allocating the funding.

Much of the money will address ways to help Inuit in the region get food. Community freezers will receive a total of $350,00 for upgrades, and the KIA will contribute $105,000 to food banks, with the same amount going to RCMP food hampers.

In schools, $105,000 will be distributed to breakfast programs for children throughout the Kivalliq.

Each of the seven hunters and trappers organizations throughout the region will receive $25,000 for community hunt programs.

As well, $35,000 is earmarked for the Manitoba Inuit Association to address food insecurity for Kivalliq Inuit living in Manitoba.

Helping Kivalliq Inuit who live in areas outside the region is a priority with this money, said KIA spoksperson Jonathan Pameolik.

All Inuit from the Kivalliq region who are 16 year and older are eligible for $500 gift cards, including those living outside the region. Kivalliq Inuit can sign up for the gift cards on the KIA website, said Pameolik.

There will also be $232,000 worth of prize draws, where double-vaccinated Kivalliq Inuit can enter to win an ATV or a snowmobile. Each Kivalliq community will receive an ATV and a snowmobile for the draw.

To address domestic violence, the KIA will be spending of $210,000 on women’s shelters in the Kivalliq, specifically the Pulaarvik Kublu Friendship Centre.

The KIA has also allocated $140,00 to organizations addressing prenatal and mental health in the region.

Finally, $1 million has been set aside for more programming in the new year. Pameolik said the KIA will be brainstorming how to use this money.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Old timer on

    Now this is more money for Kia workers to go Winnipeg ever weekend free flight hotel and all paid for something not right.

  2. Posted by Not covid relief on

    Covid-19 relief funding in Nunavut sounds rediculous. Covid has barely affected Nunavut, and those that are affected are mostly southerners who spend over a year without seeing their loved ones. For the rest of Nunavut it has been business as usual these last 21 or so months of this pandemic.

    • Posted by CERB v2.0 – No Strings Attached on

      This isn’t even Covid relief so I don’t know why they’re calling it that. A $500 gift card for all Kivalliq Inuit 16 years or older? It’s just another handout.
      Maybe KIA should wait until 2021 taxes are due to roll this out and rename it the “CERB Repayment Relief Fund”.

  3. Posted by Alex Alikashuak on

    Giving money to Manitoba Inuit Association is like throwing money away. They never give anything or do anything for the Inuit People living in Winnipeg . I don’t even know who the Board members are ( if any ) or if they even have the elections. This money could have been put to much better use if they had given it to Tungasuvvingat Inuit Centre , they serve us all alot better and they bring hampers every month without Fail. This is coming from an Inuk living in Winnipeg.

  4. Posted by monty sling on

    all you nay sayers; why don’t you people ran for the next big election in few years and ran the org like you want too. bet you are high ranking gn or private sector.

  5. Posted by Aqqaqa on

    Another distraction to appease the masses. Like throwing candy to children in order to get them to do what you want.

    Nunavummiut should be considering the vaccine after being informed of it’s pros and cons by reputable sources of information (i.e. not Facebook, not your buddy who barely passed high school, not some conspiracy theorist).

    Nunavummiut are making the right decisions but, for the wrong reasons. If they want to get vaccinated, it should be because they read the info and make a personal decision…NOT because they want gift cards and ATV’s.

    But, what do I know, the KIA knows the community mindset better than I.

    I think more than half of Nunavummiut are informed on vaccination, the rest didn’t care until the airlines started checking. How else are they going to get to the southern paradise known as Winnipeg?

  6. Posted by JOHN ELL on

    The covid-19 experience here in Winnipeg has been especially hard for the Inuit here and Inuit travelling for medical and it is still is as we speak.
    So, Kujjanamiik to the staff at Manitoba Inuit Association and KIA.

  7. Posted by Sheila Niviatsiak on

    Thank you for helping Inuit and please how can I enter the 500.00 Gift card??

  8. Posted by Deanna Alareak on

    I need help with the food hamper for gift card and me and my family

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